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99 Knock-knock Jokes For Kids (99 Jokes For Kids)

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99 Knockknock Jokes For Kids


Author: Gaz

Written by Gaz and it was published by Ergo. This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2013. We want you to get the best price and service when you buy a book!

This book contains 99 of the funniest knock-knock jokes ever. They're downright hilarious! You'll love them. Click on the cover to 'look inside' and see some examples. Give everyone a giggle! Your family members will love them. Then share the fun! Your friends will love them. In fact, they're over funny. Amazon categories: children joke book, children's jokes, kids jokes, kids joke books, jokes for kids, funny jokes, knock knock jokes Only the very best, most hilarious jokes happen to be included. These knock knock jokes have been specially selected for their rib-tickling fun-tasticness.


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