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Biggest Riddle Book In The World

Rating 4 stars
Biggest Riddle Book In The World


MPN: 17758
UPS: 049725088849
ISBN: 0806988843
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Looking for a really good child's book of jokes? Check out Biggest Riddle Book In The World written by Joseph Rosenbloom! The author is Joseph Rosenbloom and the publisher is Sterling. The child's book of jokes was available on bookshelves on the 15th of September, 1976. The child's book has 256 pages.

How do you preserve a rhinoceros from charging? Take away his credit cards."Over 2,000 riddles of all kinds, from simple to complex, for all ages."A real bonanza for riddle fans."A massive collection. Written by a children's librarian, this is one certain particular riddle book that should be in each the adult and children's collections."--Horn Book. A great boost for budding comedians."--School Library Journal. Index is helpful in obtaining specific zingers."--Library Journal.


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