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Funny Jokes

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Funny Jokes
Author: Riley Weber

The book has 54 pages. While reading is something which anyone will enjoy, there are absolutely some ways that you might make the thrill more pleasant. Buy a copy of this child's book of jokes, check out the shopping cart add to cart button below.

"Funny Jokes"is a hilarious visual jokes book for kids, by best selling author and illustrator, Riley Weber. (To get his teeth crowned)   With more than 50 illustrated pages of funny jokes for kids, this book will make you to laugh out loud.   Jokes make people laugh and set them at ease.   Why did the child study inside the airplane? (To get a higher education)   Why did the king visit the dentist?   This way kids can guess the answer to the joke before reading the answer.   Telling a good joke is like have a great gift in your pocket.   Preachers, motivational speakers, and salesmen are normally good joke tellers.   One drawing is for the joke question and 1 is for the punch line.   Every joke is illustrated with two drawings!   Kids can practice their joke telling expertise as they learn the jokes in this book.


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