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Giggle Fit ® : Silly Knock-knocks

Rating 4 stars
Giggle Fit 174 Silly Knockknocks


ISBN: 1402701217
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Your child will love Giggle Fit : Silly Knock-knocks. Written by Joseph Rosenbloom and the publisher is Sterling. It became available sometime in 2002. The book has 48 pages. It's 8.07" Height x 8.07" Length x 0.24" Width and weighs only 0.36 lbs. Buy your copy of this child's book of jokes, click on our affilate link on this page.

Hey there--open up! You won't wish to keep these"yuks"to yourself! Or, how about this one: Knock-knock. Boo who? Flea. Flea blind mice. Boo. Well, you don't have to cry about it. Flea who? Who's there? Something outrageously zany is knock-knocking at your door, ready to tickle your funnybone. Knock-knock. Who's there?


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