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Knock Knock Jokes For Kids: 301 Hilarious And Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Rating 5 stars
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids 301 Hilarious

Grassroot Books

Author: Lizzy Burbank

For anybody who is in the market for a child's book of jokes We have put together very good info. Knock Knock Jokes For Kids: 301 Hilarious is the right child's book. Written by Lizzy Burbank and the publisher is Grassroot Books. This book was available on bookshelves on the 10th of May, 2013.

In Lizzy's third Jokes for Kids Book, get ready to laugh out loud to a lot more than 300 hilarious, knee-slapping knock-knock jokes. As a mother and jokester extraordinaire, Lizzy knows what it takes to write a great joke; how to keep her kids entertained adequate to not cause any trouble. These jokes cover a range of categories and are super funny, like that dash of corniness we've all grown to really like from funny knock knock jokes (what knock-knock joke isn't a bit corny? ! ). This funny Knock Knock Jokes book will have your youngsters reading, talking, laughing, and socializing with other kids and adults.


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