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The Pun Starts Here - 325 Great Jokes

Pun Starts Here5 Star Rating
Pun Starts Here
You Will Want To Include "The Pun Starts Here - 325 Great Jokes" To Your Library

For anyone who is shopping for a book I've assembled some good information. The Pun Starts Here - 325 Great Jokes by Harold Sands is an excellent children's book! Written by Harold Sands and it is published by Hayden Press. It went on sale sometime in 2013. The book has 34 pages.

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Pun Starts Here
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Brand:Hayden Press
Author:Harold Sands

Full Description

All of material in this book was written by my Granddad, Harold Sands, who sadly passed away in 2004. org) which was very close to my granddad's heart – all commission from the sale of this book will go to this UK registered charity. Always one to marvel at newfangled technology, he will likely be absolutely amazed to think of his work being published and available around the world for other people to enjoy and hopefully laugh at (although no-one ever laughed as much at his jokes as he did! faithwelfaretrust. This volume is really a selection of some of the material from that little, red book. I hope you enjoy reading them as considerably as I have over the years. He usually loved to think of jokes and he wrote the majority of them down inside a little, red notebook which was passed down to me – something I will always treasure. As well as trying to brighten someone's day, 1 of the causes for compiling this volume was to raise money for FWT, a children's orphanage in Southern India (visit www.) Granddad's (constantly clean) humour of choice was the pun, which was typically demonstrated in a couple of ways – funny book titles and fictional experiences in distinct sorts of occupations.

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  • Pages: 34 Pun Starts Here

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