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Thanksgiving Jokes

Rating 5 stars
Thanksgiving Jokes
Author: Riley Weber

It's essential to read Thanksgiving Jokes a fabulous children's book by Riley Weber. The children's book has 49 pages. For the best price on this child's book of jokes besides other items, check out the add to cart button below.

"Thanksgiving Jokes"is really a feast as well as a"corny-copia"full of funny brief jokes for kids. Kids will gobble up these humorous and brief jokes while they appear in the funny illustrations throughout the book. Each joke is about some silly aspect regarding Thanksgiving, from turkeys to pilgrims to pumpkin pie. Find out what a pilgrams favorite music is, what a space turkey says, why turkeys go 'Gobble, gobble', and numerous more silly riddles. Every joke attributes two illustrations; a single for the question and one specific for the punchline, so each joke might be enjoyed much more.


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